"From The Heart" Blown Glass Heart Vase  

These clear glass heart-shaped vases make a perfect take-away favor for your guests. They will serve as beautiful table decorations and then be further enjoyed at home,long after your big day. Features and facts:Clear, hand-blown, glass, heart-shaped vase with circular opening on front for flowersMeasures 3" x 3 1/2"Sold as a set of fourPersonalized with names and wedding date on static-cling lab...



The Doctor Is In ( Doctor  

Created by Meyda Tiffany, this The Doctor Is In Stained Glass Window will make a stunning addition to your home decor....



One Arm Wilmington Ceiling Pendant Art Glass Ceiling Fixture  

The one-arm Wilmington ceiling pendant features an elegant amber colored, mouth-blown art glass shade....



Tapestry Wall Decor / Indian Tapestry with Glass Bead Trim / 42" x 53"  

The Indian Tapestry with Glass Bead Trim tapestry wall hanging has texture not found in any other art form. A tapestry...



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